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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

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Chapter 303 ink trade
‘West Sea Dragon Palace’— these four figures ended up engraved across the principal door .
The orderly West Sea Dragon Palace was immediately messed up .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
“d.a.m.n West Ocean Dragon Palace, its safeguard wall surfaces are extremely lengthy for my flags . Alright, I’ll only bomb part of the palace and ruin additional half next time!” In regards to a dozen minutes or so after, Zhen Congming swam directly back to Hao Ren and cursed angrily .
“What… Western side Seas Dragon Palace?” Hao Zhonghua inquired in bafflement .
Hao Ren positioned the other one hand over the conch and administered a rise of absolutely pure water-elemental substance .
Hao Ren now discovered that he was asked here less just experience .
He gritted his pearly whites and believed to Hao Ren . “I’ll schedule the variety growth, and you simply utilize the type fact . I’ll help you command the Dangerous ‘Making You Plead with for Death’ Fireplace Super Super Awesome Conch!”
He waved his flag again . “Using up Flame Assortment!”
Minor Bright white was fired up for the vision . It swam around Hao Ren as though it absolutely was motivating him to work tougher .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
The flying dharma value slowed down .
Even though fact around the area was hot tub.r.s.e, it was subsequently endless . The air travel dharma treasure acquired dozens of strong heart and soul ingestion array formations on it, additionally they helped this value to soak up the essences from nature quickly . As a result, its pace was fast!
Hao Ren searched around alertly while keeping track of the positioning of Tiny Daoist Zhen . Out of the blue, he experienced like he was back his child years stealing pleasant carrots from the village where his grandmother accustomed to exist .
Very little White couldn’t build power spheres, also it didn’t have a very Liquid Repellent Bead . For that reason, it began to swim in the water . Its alignment was ugly, but it had been a heart beast and wouldn’t drown .
If he declined, he was hesitant that Little Daoist Zhen would blurt out far more abnormal thoughts to naive folks . It absolutely was lucky which he was actually a little young child, and it would be alright for him to chat nonsense on condition that he didn’t reveal his farming procedures .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
As Hao Ren looked at him in the daze, Zhen Congming frowned . “The Harmful ‘Making You Beg for Death’ Flame Lightning Very Killer Conch is just too powerful in my situation to manipulate . You happen to be on Zhen-Amount to ensure you could use one-tenth of this conch’s electrical power . “
“Got it!” Hao Ren responded to while pulling Minor Daoist Zhen out of the home .
As Hao Ren checked out him inside of a daze, Zhen Congming frowned . “The Harmful ‘Making You Plead with for Death’ Blaze Lightning Extremely Awesome Conch is too strong personally to master . You will be on Zhen-Amount to make sure you can use one-tenth in this conch’s electrical power . “
If he denied, he was reluctant that Minor Daoist Zhen would blurt out a lot more strange phrases to naive people today . It was blessed that he was actually a tiny young child, and it will be fine for him to chat nonsense given that he didn’t display his farming tactics .
Hao Ren put the other fretting hand over the conch and injected a increase of pure liquid-elemental substance .
He waved his flag once more . “Burning up Flame Selection!”
Considering that Small Daoist Zhen was assured of themself, Hao Ren suspected that the dharma treasure wouldn’t be too useless .
As Hao Ren looked over him in a daze, Zhen Congming frowned . “The Dangerous ‘Making You Beg for Death’ Fire Lightning Excellent Fantastic Conch is way too effective to me to manipulate . That you are on Zhen-Point to make sure you can use one-tenth on this conch’s ability . “
Dang… The sound signboard with ‘West Seas Dragon Palace’ onto it was blown to the ground .
“What… To the west Ocean Dragon Palace?” Hao Zhonghua asked in bafflement .
“I’ll go and arrange the core on the collection formation . You keep here and watch the adversaries for me personally . ” Zhen Congming handed the conch to Hao Ren .
He waved his flag once more . “Burning off Flame Assortment!”
It was subsequently already seven o’clock at nighttime, so Hao Ren was surprised by Tiny Daoist Zhen’s obtain .
“Effectively, the unappealing air travel dharma treasure even possesses its own Gps system?” Very little Daoist Zhen is irritating, but his skills for making dharma treasures are amazing…” Hao Ren appeared lower on the son who wasn’t even on Zhen-level yet and idea .
Nevertheless, he didn’t assume that they will wind up in trouble given that Hao Ren was only going out to have fun with a kid .
As soon as they were definitely out of the home, Minor Daoist Zhen waved his fretting hand and launched a reddish power sphere around him or her self, Hao Ren, and Little Bright white . Within his ft, a drive-fashioned dharma value sprang out and picked up Hao Ren and Minor Bright white .
A dozen or so purple-robed elders made an effort to buzz out of the palace, yet they have been knocked back from the yellow-colored beach sand .