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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

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Chapter 1198 – Let’s Set Off Rent Against Your Remuneration ink planes
It turned out totally obvious that Gu Jingyu failed to would like them to learn. So, he rolled his vision and said unhappily, “Fine, fine, okay. My remuneration will likely be for rent… if so, you are able to give me a bigger place, ideal?”
Lin Che and Gu Jingyu checked in Gu Jingze’s course with each other.
“What the h.e.l.l. Is the book that pricey?”
“How much remuneration would you like to request?”
He scoffed and walked downward. “You desire to stay on this page?”
“It’s all given that they insisted i get married to this gal. I refused, well, i went away.”
“Huh? Why? Did he express that he doesn’t want it?”
Back home, Gu Jingyu discovered the folks beyond the moment he stepped in.
“I required around yesterday. They asserted that they have only been recording films within the last couple of years. His remuneration per movie is 20 million and portion of the pack business office gains. In total… altogether, he needed house 240 million from his newest movie…”
Gu Jingze claimed, “If not, I can also tell your family that you are living with me.”
Because case… his remuneration for your t . v . range would probably be quite considerable as well.
Gu Jingyu explained, “Good lord. These reporters were actually generating a hassle about practically nothing.”
Primarily, Yu Minmin had been drafting the contract. She talked about with Lin Che exactly how much these folks were planning to pay off Gu Jingyu, or whether they were definitely intending to simply offer him element of the profits.
Gu Jingyu stated, “I can’t believe Next Brother even made an individual army to suit your needs. Not bad, pretty good. These folks are very competent. Very few folks the Gu household have particular guards.”
To begin with, Yu Minmin ended up being drafting the agreement. She explained with Lin Che the amount they had been gonna spend Gu Jingyu, or if they were definitely about to simply provide him with a part of the sales.
“Eh. A great female is tricky to find. I don’t need to get married at the moment. Not every person is as fortunate enough as Following Buddy, as a way to fulfill an individual he likes so rapidly.”
It was actually only just after heading out that she drawn Lin Che towards her and expected, “Is he really going to video this?”
Gu Jingyu mentioned, “Sure. However I don’t possess a place to reside in at the present time. I may need to remain in your house for now.”
It was subsequently obvious that Gu Jingyu failed to desire them to understand. So, he rolled his eyeballs and said unhappily, “Fine, fine, high-quality. My remuneration will be for rent… in that case, it is possible to deliver a greater place, proper?”
“Ah. How can you show at one glance they were my guards and never Gu Jingze’s?” Lin Che requested.
In that case… his remuneration for the television set sequence may possibly be rather substantial also.
“Hey, hey there, hello. You are far too underhanded. Is your family home gilded with gold bullion? How come it so expensive?” Gu Jingyu protested.
“Of class.” Lin Che continuing, “He concurred. And he even claimed that he wouldn’t return on his message.”
Yu Minmin was bursting with delight. She quickly went to make agreements for promotion first.
“I speculate. If so, when will you be planning to marry?”
At a later time.
“I speculate. In that case, when are you presently looking to get wed?”
Lin Che explained, “Precisely. Why were definitely his points confiscated? He just arrived right now. Didn’t you see him turn up at our mass media conference? He stated he would act in this television line. The reporters immediately journeyed insane, you understand.”
She failed to know either.
Gu Jingyu mentioned, “Good lord. The reporters were definitely building a hassle about not a thing.”
Yu Minmin explained, “Good gracious, we are getting a windfall on this occasion.”
Yu Minmin enable out a sound of affirmation and promptly traveled to create.
“Huh? Why? Did he point out that he doesn’t want it?”